Cabinet Making

Book Cabinets

To a church or crematorium, a Book of Remembrance is a valuable asset. To those whose loved ones are recorded in its pages, it’s highly significant, emotionally charged and literally irreplaceable. Our display cabinets are designed to keep these precious books safe and secure, yet easy to view, and make them a destination in their own right. Handmade in solid hardwood, glazed with laminated safety glass, and secured with a brass lock and key, our cabinets are completely bespoke, so you can choose a wood and design style that blends perfectly with the surroundings.


All our cabinets are:

  • Bespoke and handmade by skilled craftsmen we’ve worked with for generations
  • Available for family Bibles, home libraries and museums, as well as churches and crematoria
  • Designed to display our books to full advantage, while keeping them safe, secure and in perfect condition 

For more details, and to see further examples of our work, please contact us.