Restoration & Leatherwork

Book Restoration

At FG Marshall, we specialise in taking worn and damaged books and documents, and making them as good as new.

Life and Time can be hard on books. Years of being opened, closed, dropped, scuffed, left lying around, exposed to sunlight and humidity and subjected to spillages and other accidents all take their toll. But in the hands of our experienced Bindery team, even the most forlorn and careworn books can be made young and beautiful again.

After a careful assessment, we’ll dismantle, then reassemble and rebind your book, using as much of the original material as we can. And if the old cover proves beyond our aid, we’ll create a replacement using materials that offer the closest possible match. So it need not be adieu to that well-lived and much-loved volume after all, but merely au revoir.

Our specialist book restoration service offers you:

  • A way to maintain family Bibles, first editions and other books of significant value - whether intrinsic or sentimental - in the best possible condition for the long term
  • A comprehensive choice of covering materials, from top-quality binding cloth to the finest leather, or a combination of both
  • The reassurance of knowing your most beloved books are in the best possible hands